2014 HERO Awards, A Smashing Success!


On February 8, 2014 Friends of Animal Care & Control hosted the 11th Annual HERO Awards at the Montelucia Resort & Spa.


This year's event drew an incredible 380 attendees, 100 more guests than last year! It's great to see that so many people share our belief that "Spaying & Neutering Saves Lives!"

Together we raised $190,000 for the Spay Neuter Assistance Program (SNAP), which translates into 3,000 FREE spay/neuter surgeries.


At the event, Dr. Rodrigo Silva, Director of Maricopa County Animal Care & Control, confirmed that our spay and neuter efforts are working, with a 60% reduction in Maricopa County euthanasia rate since our program began in 2006.


Our celebration of the human and animal heroes in our community was lead by Channel 3's very own April Warnecke, who dazzled the audience with her eloquence and compassion.



Throughout the evening we were introduced to 6 heroes and their incredible stories:




Sandy Day - Human Hero

Co-founder of Timothy T Day Foundation/Lulu's Fund, Sandy has dedicated her life to improving the lives of animals in our community.

To learn more about Sandy and Lulu, click here

Click here to watch Sandy Day accept the 2014 Human Hero Award


Butch - Service Animal

From abused and injured pit bull to therapy dog for special education children.

Click here to learn more about Butch, our 2014 Service Animal Award Winner


Ryder - Animal Survivor

Stolen and abused before being rescued, rehabilitated and finally reunited with her owner, Ryder survived against all the odds.

To meet Ryder, our 2014 Animal Survivor Award Winner, click here


Maui - Animal HERO

Search & Rescue dog who works day and night to assist law enforcement for nothing more than fetch with her favorite ball and pat on the head.

Click here to meet Maui, the 2014 Animal HERO Award Winner


Fat Albert - Loyal Companion

28 pound stray turned therapy companion to his 2-legged, autistic brother.

Click here to learn more about Fat Albert, winner of the 2014 Loyal Companion Award

Bagel - Over the Rainbow Bridge

The inspiration behind the 12k's of Christmas which has raised over $30,000 for the animals of Maricopa County.

Click here to see more about Bagel, our Over the Rainbow Bridge winner



Thank you to EVERYONE who made our event such a great success! YOU ARE OUR HEROES!


To view photos of the event, please click here.